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January 1st 17     166

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   New Happy new year

The missing Princess:
what really happened on Gwendoline rescue :

at last I published the stock I had done several years ago
.... to be ended.....

U69 masked: 1st adventure : Art retrieval...maybe more to collect.     January 1st 17

1st adventure

Andrea Neal superheroine: D-lady and Kelsey Chambers as Spellbinder

U69 fails to rescue WWoman

my 3d videos : they are heavy (be patient)  and you have to watch them with VLC  (media player)

start with the first one before downloading the heavier ones.

M against u69 2Mbytes

U69 pearls falling.... 300 kBytes

Tribute to Stanton...spies vs spies. 30MBytes

U69...d'Arcy...a goon 46MBytes

U69...the movie 400MBytes

As usual:

U69 role played by sexy models

Darenzia special agent

not a real story... but let your imagination rides freely

The escape Artiste

U69 revenge 1 (before M revenge 2 )

U69 in the attics

Gwen recreation

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    In this story: U69 remembers and dreams about her

first encounter with Gwendoline : she fills the space or the missing events in the original story as it was told.

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Oldies nr 1

Oldies nr 2

Bonds and stocks

My workshop

Strip Nr 20



D-Lady Guide to interactive D-Lady


Previous stories of U69 and those with Attachella

U69 and Gwen

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Spotted by M

M is for... what is it for  ?

sketches 1



La Grange   

la Grange 

U69 and Gwendoline : back in the woods


U69 and Gwendoline : 3D  stories, stills and movies

B-Vengers : the Avengers into bondage

Tribute to Stanton

A very old participation to an english site with Zara as a private detective


Bonus : the real Gwendoline
by Hesselmann
and some post edited by Wicz

U69 and Gwen impersonators 


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