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May 1st 14     138


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    U69 revenge 1 (before M revenge 2 )

    U69 in the attics

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    U69 masked: 1st adventure

    1st adventure

    Oldies   Previous stories of U69 and those of D-Lady...and Attachella


    U69 and Gwen


    M is for... what is it for  ?


    sketches 1


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  • La Grange    : the ending updated august 14th

    la Grange 

  • Here they are
    what really happened when rescunig Gwendoline in The missing Princess : the missing pages
    Updated August 1st 13   Part 1 ..... to be continued.....


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        In this story U69 remembers and dreams about her first encounter with Gwendoline : she fills the space or the missing events in the original story as it was told.

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    U69 and Gwendoline : back in the woods

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    Bonus : the real Gwendoline
    by Hesselmann
    and some post edited by Wicz

    U69 and Gwen impersonators 






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